Tupelo Mississippi and some interesting things to do here

Tupelo Mississippi

Tupelo Mississippi

It is a gorgeous country seat and also the largest city of Mississippi’s Lee County. Tupelo is situated in the northeast part of Mississippi. This is also the 7th largest city in the state that located between Birmingham, Alabama, and Memphis, Tennessee. According to the recent census, the population of the place is more than some small other parts of the state, it is now 34,546 approx.


What to explore in the city

  • It was the first home of Rock and Roll king and it is dedicated to Elvis Presley, the renowned singer. If you visit the city you find the dedicated museum on Elvis Parsley, which actually built up in his birthplace, his own early house where he was born. If you are a diehard fan of Elvis, you can visit the church also where the singer has sung the gospel first time. The colorful town hosts a festival of Elvis Presley with a parade, live music, music competitions etc.
  • For the people who want to explore more here, the city offers a big Automobile museum where you will find more than hundred classic cars or a great collection of antique cars. Tupelo is not only popular for the music and exotic museums, it is actually more than. people, who love to explore the animal’s den may find their interest in the Zoo or the Buffalo park, one can also experience riding the buffalo roads where the buffalos roam every time. There you also have the view of other animals too, grounds or housed both.
  • Natchez Trace Parkway headquarters are also there and you will get the permission to visit that too.
  • This place is a hub of art and culture. So, apart from the Elvis parsley festival, you will have the opportunity to explore other festivals there. They embrace different festivals and fine, art independent filmmaking are, and celebrating the Dudie Burgers are also included in this list. Some are weekly, sole monthly and many also the yearly festival. You just need to know the timing first to explore those exciting festivals of that American city, as these are the small pieces of beautiful American cultures.
  • The restaurants of Tupelo offer the tongue tantalizing tasty foods of every corner of the world. Exotic location, brilliant music, and gorgeous décor these are the signs of the restaurants and you will also find their several high-quality hotels to stay.


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